Chain linked fencing

Here are some links. Don't break your knees looking at them.


Somnolescent - A few of the best people that were on this site made their own site after, from what I can tell, a bunch of drama went down coupled with a disatisfaction with neocities as a whole for several reasons. I'll update this section if I learn more about that as I'm quite curious about the situation that unfolded while I was inactive. No matter, as it's a very high quality site. - An archive of the textfiles from several bbs's across the country.

Custom MvC2 - A guide on how to put custom music into the dreamcast version of Marvel vs Capcom 2.

GifCities - A gif search engine that scrapes the geocities archives for whatever keyword you put in.

Neocities sites

Spyware Watchdog - A site containing several articles about software and how it spies on you. I made a button for one of their articles as seen here (though as much as I hate discord, I am forced into using it to connect to a few people ;_;) !

Dig Deeper - This site has privacy tips, articles, and software recomendations alongside articles. Site owner also writes for Spyware Watchdog.

Polar Bear Gif - I told a friend of mine to make a site here. He then made whatever this is. Oh also I made his RAD site button. He stopped responding to my texts and seemingly killed his site. Oh well.

Youtube Losers and Weirdos

Down the Rabbit hole - Cool channel featuring small documentaries on subjects generally related to nearly forgoten parts of internet history.