Some Guy

Whoa you want to know about me of all people? Sheesh man alright.

Interests: Computers, Animation, Card Games, Board Games, Data Hoarding, Internet fourms, Graphic Design, uh... Thrift Stores?

Fuck is there anything else? Come on man these things generally have to last a page or so.
Ah got it, this part can be about how "unique" I am.

I'm a guy, I live in the USA, gRaPhIc DeSiGn Is My PaSsIoN.
Man, what a mess.

Oh yeah, if you want to talk for whatever reason (ie, I've pissed you off) you can email me. Click that contact button on the left sidebar and email me from there (you need javascript enabled to see it you neckbeards).

Wait, you're still reading this? Get outta here >:0