Welcome to my site you doof

Welcome to my site

Click around, have some fun. The sidebar on the left will get you started.
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Will you enjoy yourself or will you die like a coward? The choice is yours.

Excuse the lack of content at the moment. At least the site is useable

Last three updates

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October 20th 2018 1:37am (gosh that long?)
Added a site button (finally). Probably not final but whatever. I have some shit planned for this site in the near futures so stay tuned.

September 10th 2018 12:38am
I added a new link to the links page and added a new diary entry. Not much for this update.

August 27th/28th 2018
I've added the links page and respective button on the side bar, I've changed some things things on the index, and I've started on the misc page alongside of the button. Oh yeah also there's a new diary entry.